Greetings Puny Humans

I’m a grumpy old(ish) geezer as well as a geek. Welcome, glad you’re here. grab a beer from the fridge, and get me one too whilst you’re at it…

I’m interested in loads of stuff, most of which I’ll write about at some point. There’ll most likely be stuff about movies, music, books, comics, sarcasm, martial arts, video games, RPG’s (games not grenades although you never know), politics, religion, sarcasm, parenthood and maybe a little more sarcasm ‘cos ah lahk sarcasm, despite it being, I’m informed, the lowest form of wit. Since no-one ever goes on to list other, higher forms these killjoys can just bugger off.

I’m not expecting much traffic and fewer comments, but I’m happy to discuss stuff with folk, and if you think I’m wrong about something or have anything you want to add, that’d be cool. Sexism, racism, homophobia or other shit that attacks groups of people rather than specific individuals will get you kicked out. Make your invective like a scalpel not a cluster-bomb. This is a benevolent dictatorship. Benevolent but the emphasis is on dictatorship.

And for those of you that think ‘why do you care? just enjoy it for what it is, a film/book/game/comic/piece of music’, bugger off and read this.

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