Where’s My Shoggoth?

(Ian Thomas, Words and Adam Bolton, Art)

 DISCLOSURE: I was in a popular beat combo with Ian, he’s a top bloke and a damn fine musician. This copy isn’t a review one, but bought for the MiniMog for the festival of Sol Invictus/Solstice/Christmas

Just received my the little man’s copy of this…

Where’s My Shoggoth?’ sits happily alongside ‘Baby’s First Mythos’ in the blindingly obvious yet tragically under-populated Venn diagram area of ‘Brain-Melting Cosmic Horror’ and ‘Books for Very Young Children’.

It is the charming tale of a small boy who has lost his titular amorphous beastie, and the subsequent quest to find Him. Her. It. Whatever. Along the way, the boy meets a variety of creatures from the dank pits of HP Lovecraft’s feverish imagination, including amongst others, a Nightgaunt, Yog-Sothoth, Mi-Go, Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu. The text is simple and rhythmic enough for little ones to enjoy, yet atmospheric and with enough sinister, ominous overtones to amuse/squick out parents (Deep Ones!.. inter-racial species dating…).

Good as the text is, though the real joy of the book is the art. Adam Bolton’s illustrations are rich in macabre detail, wit and the non-Euclidian geometries of terror from beyond space and sanity, which artfully obscure the parts that would rip all sense of meaning and reality from the tiny minds observing the imagery before casting them into an abyss of shrieking terror. Won’t do much for the children either. Ahem.

I commend it to the house unreservedly.

Jesting aside, ‘Where’s My Shoggoth?’ is wittily written, beautifully illustrated, and a perfect gift for little ones that won’t become boring after being read for about the eight-hundred thousandth time (that really is soul-crushing horror).

Rock of Ages

Shaftesbury Theatre


Generally speaking I consider musicals to be pretty ridonkulous. If I want to listen to music, I’ll put on some music. If I want narrative I’ll read a book or watch TV/a movie. I don’t really want the two mixing. Oh the emotion, oh the drama, oh the angst, the pathos. I know, let’s share the deepest workings of our souls by bursting into song… Nope, you lost me there. Not for me, thanks. And no, I didn’t think ‘Once More with Feeling’ was all that either.

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